76ers Move on to 2nd Round

76ers Move on to 2nd Round


76ers Move on to 2nd Round of Eastern Conference Finals

It was a big moment for the Eastern Conference sector of the NBA, as the northern Philadelphia 76ers beat out the Miami Heat in their Eastern Conference series on Tuesday night. This was a big shake-up, as they secured a seat in the second round, and proved their talent to the nation. This killer finish in their series was a first for the team in six years, having only seen the second round since 2012.  The big win occurred on their home turf and had a pretty interesting and unique beginning, as recently released rapper Meek Mill started the fan hype by ringing the Liberty Bell.

In the first game of the round, the 76ers came into the game strong and overtook the heat. The second game looked pretty promising for the Heat, as Wade came into the court aggressively and scored quite a few points, resulting in a win for the Miami team and crushing Philly’s seventeen game winning streak. But the 76ers came back for the following three games with more aggression, with great plays from Joel Embiid, making his playoff debut, and scoring some serious three-pointers all while successfully avoiding Johnson’s Defense.

For the 76ers, the third and fourth games were met with wins at their competitor’s home court, setting them up for success as they played their final game at home. Simmons really shined in those third and fourth games, as he took quite a few jump shots, and his skillful shots continued into that final game, with great teamwork with Embiid. It was great for the Philly fans to see Embiid’s first performance at home, and the excitement from the stands only helped to amp their successful win.

Game five was truly a great playoff performance, as the fourth quarter seemed tight between the rivals, but J.J. Redick was able to bring his talent as he scored a three-pointer, with twenty-seven points over the entirety of the game. Redick is such a key leader for the team, as he guides a lot of the younger players through practice and meshes well with them on the court. This advancing team is brimming with young talent, and as they won the game by fifteen points they secured an advance into the playoff bracket.

Now the Philadelphia team awaits the results of the final game this Saturday, which will determine their rivals within the second round playoffs, with the Boston Celtics and the Milwaukee Bucks going head to head.

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