10-year old Breaks Phelps’ record

10-year old Breaks Phelps’ record

This week an incredible feat was achieved in the world of swimming. 10-year old Clark Kent Apuada has lived up to his super name, taking down a record of one of the greatest Olympians ever.

Apuada was able to do the unthinkable, taking down a record of the 23-time gold medalist. He took down Phelps’ best 100-meter butterfly record back on the 29th of July. He was able to beat the record by more than over a second, comi9ng in with a time of 1:09:38, while Phelps recorded a 1:10:48.

The young swimmer’s coach, Dia Rianda acknowledged his presence as a swimmer, but said his skill drew in from the other types of sports he played. “The karate and other martial arts he does gives him a sense of discipline, respect and work ethic,” she said. “We’ve found that with a lot of the kids who do both, they excel. There’s a direct correlation between the two sports.”

Apuada is a different kind of person when it comes to athletics. He started swimming when he was only three-years-old. He would join the Swim America Lesson program at the aquatic center. He would move up through the next six levels of the Lesson Program, being able to join the swim team at age 7.

To be able to achieve a feat like this at such a young age, you have to give an immense amount of credit to the young swimmer. To be able to beat a record from the best Olympic swimmer of all-time, and to do it at only 10 years old, is absolutely incredible. If he was able to beat one of the best athletes to ever step into a pool, who knows what he could be able to do at the Olympics in the future.

As of right now, the 7-year-old is ranked as the top swimmer in the 8-and-under division in Pacific Swimming. He currently holds the record for the 25- and 50- meter freestyle, 25-meter backstroke and 25- and 50-meter butterfly. he also was able to tie the 13-year-old record for the 25-meter backstroke. It is safe to say that his name is well-deserving being Clark Kent.

Apuada deserves all of the credit he is receiving. Michael Phelps was even able to show the young swimmer some love over Twitter.

This early success should pave a bright future for the young super hero named swimmer. He should keep up his grind and insane work ethic, and in a few short years we will be hearing about Clark Kent Apuada at the highest stage of sports competitors.

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